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About Us

Aisha, AAH Student

Our story began in 2009 with a trip to Uganda. We quickly learned that some basic necessities, like electricity, are sparse and tenuous in rural areas making it tough to do normal tasks like homework and reading.  Rough terrain and poor roads make installing power line nearly impossible in some areas.


After encountering the severity of the problem, we learned about the movement to increase energy access to people in the developing world.  Why can’t we just skip traditional power grids and develop renewable energy in its place? One answer is money.


We brainstormed ideas on how to jump in the give-back retail movement to generate funds for energy access. We love journals and so do many of you—so Bright Books LLC was born.


We realize personal lights are not going to solve poverty or stop climate change, but it is a start and we have big plans from here.

the need
for lights
love for

- Green Tie Studios - Design 

- Photography

- John Robinson - Photography

- Arlington Academy of Hope - photos, friendship, inspiration and fun

- Lighthouse Peace Corp.- photos, friendship, and partnership

- Just Paper and Tea  & Distinctive Bookbinding & Leather Designs, Inc. - Consulting 

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